The following are testimonials from clients that we have had the pleasure of working with.

"We are pleased with the proficiency and professionalism demonstrated by their project staff, while meeting project schedule dealines."

"We appreciate their hard work and dedication to accommodate our overall project budget needs."

Harold Daum,  Southside Generating Station Demolition / GIS Building
Site Manager

"...N.P. Construction executed well and the level of quality was exceeded." "The project budget  remained under spent throughout the construction period as N.P. Construction of North Florida, Inc. executed the work."

"...N.P. Construction of North Florida, Inc. has performed an exemplary job remodeling JEA's System Operation Control Center, while maintaining a safe work environment."

Stephen P. Blake, P.E.
JEA Facilities Project Manager

"The coordination and reliability demonstrated by their staff while building the new Park & Ride Facility for the New Sports Complex in spite of the limited project schedule completion completely exceeded our expectations.
N.P. Construction of North Florida, Inc ensured the project was completed on time and in a professional workmanlike manner."

John H. Reich
Project Director / Turner - Perry McCall Joint Venture

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